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Vindictus Interruptus (Can I have a MMOment?)

So nexon’s latest free-to-play MMO has been out for a while. I’ve played it to level six (Yes, serious time investment, I know), and I’ve formulated my final opinion on it already. But let’s faff about for a little bit before I give it.

The game is based in the source engine, which is what originally piqued my interest. “How can an engine like Source allow for what could be hundreds of people per area at one time?” I thought. Well, it’s more like 30. In the main, hub-areas, that’s about all I counted. How I think this works is because every five minutes or so, my character would change channels, which I assume means the game moved me over to a different server. I can deal with that.

The combat in this game is actually fun. I enjoy picking up the slain bodies of my foes and tossing them at my other foes to make more slain bodies with which I will slay more bodies. This is FUN; and it works fairly well. What doesn’t work is the horrible menus. They’re okay when you’re dealing with, say, picking a potion from your inventory, or basic trading. When I got to some of the more advanced things, like crafting, enchanting, etc. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what the hell. Now, I know these sorts of things are intended for the higher level players who want more bang for their imaginary buck. I can understand that. But at LEAST give new players some kind of introductory phase.

Now, when I play MMOs, I make up my mind as such: If I can play it to level 10 and still enjoy it, it’s worth more time. WoW didn’t pass this, Maplestory did for a while (Before I began seeing ads for CVS and all kinds of crap.) So did WonderKing, before it too was commercialized. The only MMO that hasn’t disappointed me YET is EVE online, but I haven’t picked that up in a while due t0 monetary constraints.

The moment I stopped enjoying Vindictus was when I was in a 4-man party running through a dungeon for some golden something or other. When they all powered through it and I was left picking at the leftovers like a hungry orphan. I got the golden thingy, but I hadn’t had any fun getting it. At the time, I attributed it to just getting mismatched with that party. So I went back to complete the quest, and then received an item I couldn’t wear.


Something tells me that the ONLY thing Nexon focused on in this was the combat system. They hoped that they could slide the rest of the crap by while players continued to beat the hell out of trolls and wolves and whatever. But no, I had already lost what fun I had.

Perhaps if I signed up with a friend, I might enjoy it longer, but it seems that the parts between combat really just don’t work for me. At some point, you have to stop playing a game because even though the parts you like are insanely fun, the parts you don’t just keep gnawing at you.

So Judgement.  Try the game, if you don’t like it after your tenth or so outing into combat territory, then it’s probably not for you. I know it’s not for me.

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