Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Been rather busy

Losing my mind over work, school, etc.

So this will just be a short post.

Since I luurrrvvve video game music and I’m still coming up with some more songs, I thought I’d share them with you.

Metal slug X opening theme! Anyone who’s played one of the many games in the series has likely heard some variation of this theme.

Hell march 2! How do you NOT get an “Oh Shit” feeling when you see the Russians coming and this song playing?

More gun. Well? What works better than that?

TESIV Theme: It’s generic epic music. And I like it like that. Plus, you keep hearing variations of it. (And it reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean!)

Luigi’s mansion theme. It’s so catchy that even Luigi hums it!

Life is Beautiful: This song is a strangely addicting tune to go with an addictingly strange game.

Bubu Poroche. Admit it. Locoroco has the happiest soundtrack ever. I DEFY YOU to find a happier one.

That is all for now.

Comment with liked songs or such.

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