Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

A short “On Call of Duty: Blackops”

This one seems to take Modern Warfare 2, and World at War, combine them, and then remember it’s a game. Fun, but feels samey. Not the worst thing in the world for a good series to feel the same, I suppose.

Graphics are better than MW2, slightly, but the PC version is very unoptimized. I can run Crysis on full, and Modern Warfare 2 on full, but this game needs medium-low settings. It’ll hopefully be patched.

Getting flak from my nerd friends for playing it though, which I think is funny, since it’s just a game.

I loved the Vietnam parts, as well as the ending of the game. Some parts were frustratingly difficult, but only in that COD4 way where you’d stay at the same corner for an hour before being able to move to another one and do it again. Thankfully, shootouts like THAT are few and far between.

I think the JFK/Zombies part is just hilariously ironic, and you can’t beat Ol’ Jack spouting one liners like “Who’s ya president now?”

I specifically held off on playing multiplayer until I had a large block of time free, so expect a report on that tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy this bit of dialogue that I particularly love.


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  1. Nerd flak incoming.

    November 10, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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