Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Games I’d like to see made

Everyone who plays games probably has an idea of a game they’d like to make. I’m no different (Unless you count being crazy as being different), so I feel like I’d post my two cents here.

First off, I have a 30 page design document sitting around for an open-world, post-apocalyptic action game. I don’t recall what it was named, but I had created it with another friend for a game design class (This was theory more than practice). First off, you were a scientist who had managed to survive the initial mutation causing people to turn into zombies in the first place. Survivors are few and far between, and have banded together into factions. You had to manage your base (Repairs, supplies, survivor use, etc) and to obtain resources, you had to go out in your armored vehicle and find likely locations to go through (I was hoping the area would be large, filled with zombies that you NEEDED the car to go through.) Anyways, the story happens with you finding a cure, but losing it to some Mad Max wannabe jerkoff when he raids you. You find various other factions and try to maintain a decent relationship with them, all while searching for your cure, and trying to generally kick Mad Max jerk in the balls.

Anyways, I had a nice ending for the story where you face off with him at the remaining water plant in the area, which he wants to destroy so he can have the cure exclusive to him, making people pay out the ass. Anyways, You drive a tanker truck full of treated water into a giant pool at the end and kick his ass. There WAS a moral/splitting story path, but nobody likes those. If anybody wants, I can try to find the document for your perusal (But so help me god if you make a game out of it I better see money or you’ll see my size 12 up your nose. )

Another game I wanna play is one that procedurally generates either first-person shooter levels or Third person platform levels via song. First off, you’d queue up a playlist for the level, a theme (Silly, horror, futuristic, etc), determining its length. Advanced options would include marking songs for Boss battles and/or other special events. You’d have the length of the song to get to the checkpoint, and the game would be encouraging you forward with powerups and weapons the affect (And are affected by) the music. I even had a few weapon ideas.

  • Boom-Boom: Crank up the bass in the song and then send shotgun-like blasts of lightning out. The bass level at time of firing determines power, so metal and rap would be good for this.
  • Scorcher: A laser that functions on higher-pitched sounds. Singer voices work well, but a large amount of classical instruments will send this thing into overdrive. The beam size and intensity will vary on how intense the high notes are.
  • Beatkeeper: Not a weapon per se, but a kind of active power-up backpack. It fires out homing rockets on time with the beat. They go slow between beats and make short dashes on each hit. These are a Bass weapon, so have it cranking when you activate it.

I also would love to have a system to check whether enemies are dying on the beat and the tune, watching killcounts during intense moments of the song. If you hit your groove (Pun unintented), and start wiping the floor with everything, you’ll “Crank it up to 11” and get reduced damage, increased ammo, power, speed, etc. It will last as long as the song stays intense. Contrary, you do bad, and you’ll get penalized with “Out of tune” and the enemies get those bonuses.

Moddability would be a high point on this game. I mean, who wouldn’t like to make a music oriented gun that, say, fires shotgun rockets or stickybombs that explode after a 4-count beat?

So that’s what I have for now. Expect more of this rambling shenanigans in the future. Until then, I need to find a new game to create funnies out of.

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