Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

It has come to my attention that some have called me a collaborator…

So a while back I started getting comments from a gentlemen who runs a blog similar to mine.

A crucial difference separates the two, however.

Where I write to invoke laughter, he turns the page darker.

His work is something of an anomaly to me. I’ve seen fiction about games, but never…GOOD…fiction. Until his work. His little tales of taking the bright faces of games and un-obscuring their darker features leaves a taste of intrigue.

So without further ado, I give you TheInterpretationsofMyself:

Thank you for that flourishing entrance. It’s just a-lovely. Well, I am indeed he, and it’s a pleasure to be helping author this frankly great collection of humorous ramblings. Something tells me I’ll be hard pressed to live up to it, what with already feeling snowed in by the regularity of posts I think I need on my other blog. Nonetheless. Attempts shall be attempted with appropriate zeal.

Coincidently, if you’re an avid lover of the Gamegeneral, he’ll be helping co-author my blog also, so you can find him there, where he’ll be attempting to subdue his natural funny-bone and get with the I-am-the-shadow writing style. Phwah. We shall see, eh, what? And I’ll be attempting to fit in with his wackiness here. Again. We shall see, eh, what?

So who am I, this (hopefully) eloquent ghostly-thing? Well, even Gamegeneral ‘ere doesn’t know my real name, but suffice it to say I interpret things. But where do I fit? Gamegeneral covers all the big sh*t going on, no? (I’m looking at you TF2 updates and Co.) Well, yes. But hopefully I’ll be able to supply the small, teeny segments of gaming-related stuff which gets missed by the roving eye of the hordes. And, if I can head off Gamegeneral with cookies, even grab a couple of spicy pieces.

Shameless Plug: This is the way of contacting me. This needs inclusion.



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