Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

The Polycount Update

I…I’m pretty speechless about the whole thing, really.
But my hands still work, so I’ll type.

One one hand, this is the single largest (And best) update in TF2 history, and valve didn’t even hype the shit out of it like they did every other one.
On the other hand, they’re now sellout whores.

Okay, so every item is now available for purchase along with ONE item that is purchase only. No craft, find, or trade.

That item is a key. A key for items you can find in a drop. In essence, you’ve either been given a good bargaining chip, or a goddamn useless piece of crap until you buy something from valve.

Seriously. That key is the focal point of ALL of my rage. Everything else I’m pissed at happens to be obstructing the beam.

Nevermind that valve now has items that can give players an advantage because they had 10, 20, or 50 dollars to burn. Never mind that hats were a symbol of hard-won time in TF2. Hell, nevermind the glut of people begging for free items now that people can trade (A surprisingly non-rage inducing turn of events).

No. That damn key is what pisses me off the most. Now, I’m probably in a similar financial situation to a good chunk of the TF2 population. That is, I have some money, but nothing I can buy online with. Usually it happens more like I have no money period, paying for things like gas and college. Normal people shit.

So I enjoy my game, doing fine, even against the goddamn milkman scouts and gas-station pyros, and crocodile dundeetard snipers, and then I see I find an item.

“Oh boy!” I exclaim, eager to see if I’ve obtained a new item (The odds of which appear to be roughly 1:3 stacking them against all the old items).

“It IS a new item! It’s a crate!” I say, happily rubbing my hands with glee.

Wait. “What? I need a key? Alright, I can wait for the drop.”

“Wait, you can’t find, craft, or trade a key?”

I don’t HAVE money, valve! Why else do you think I either only buy games at 5$ or cheaper? Why the hell do you think I’ve been playing the same games for fucking forever?

I know 2.50’s not a TON of money, but STILL! Well, actually, you can only add money at a minimum of 5$.

The thing is, to GET money for steam, i have to have at least 30 dollars. I don’t have a bank account, since most of my money is used rapidly, so my only option is to use prepaid gift cards. The thing is, I’ve never seen one under a minimum of 25 dollars plus a 5 dollar service fee. So if I don’t have 30 dollars, I have NO dollars, capiche?

*Sigh* I guess what this boils down to is: I still love the game, but they’re not exactly making it easy to love their choices regarding it.

I’ll still sign on tomorrow, play, wait for drops, and try to have a good time, but now I’ll have that niggling feeling in the back of my head that the person who killed me could have possibly had an upper hand because they had money (Probably not even their own-Maybe a gift, or payed for by a nerve-wracked parent who was begged for too long), and spent it on a fictional item that they may only end up using for a week before moving back to their old inventory.

I suppose if valve credited the older players a little bit, though, that would make a lot of the negativeness go away. I mean, what are they going to do, lose money if they do? Hell no. They’ll probably gain some. Some guy spends his 5 or 10 dollar credit on a gun and a key, and decides “Hrm…I like this system.” And adds 20 to his steam wallet. This stuff if pure profit for valve. They lose NOTHING for giving 0ut a little money.


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