Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

That was NOT supposed to happen.

Oh god, oh god. Why did that happen? Why did I ever go into that creepy little town? Why did he have to follow me? WHY WAS THERE A RAT?!

*Deep, calming breaths* Alright, I can just avoid civilization for a while until I’m not wanted so badly.

I sprinted westward in my escape, so at least I’m a little closer to my original destination. Perhaps if I increase my goodness I can atone for this grievous sin.

I come across a wild mountain lion. Not in a fighting mood at the moment, I take off until I reach the Shrine of Sanguine. The locals do some fighting for me-…Did that woman just get killed by the lion? Great. Now I feel like a real hero. I murdered some poor creep and now I let people get killed because I’m too dang afraid to fight again. Fan-tastic. I avoid them for now and walk westward some more. I need to see about the Grey Prince’s quest. I set out to do it, and my first step to atonement is waiting there, hopefully.

I come across an empty camp. I consider resting, but the thought of even MEETING that creepy prick Lucien is enough to keep me awake. I am interrupted from these contemplations by a bandit. He picked a bad day. I’m a murderer now and I’m not a very happy one. His shield is pitiful against my scythe, now a much more fitting weapon than my fists.

After he goes down, I stare at my drawn scythe. No, I can’t keep using this. It’s the tool of a murderer and it must be cleansed. It is to be sheathed until I can say I am a good enough person to use it properly. By extension, I’m gonna stop using all blades. I think I’m going to go for atonement using only my fists. I will wander the land as an armorless, weaponless vagabond, searching for reconciliation from the gods. When they smile on me once more, I will draw my chosen weapon.

As soon as I come to this ultimatum, a wildcat approaches. In my current, unarmed and weakened state, it would surely kill me. I mount my horse and ride away, unready for my current challenge. I ride to brotch camp, which greets me unkindly. Surely the gods are enacting some sick retribution already. The lion and bandits behind me, I alert a pack of wolves and a bear as I run. None of them fight each other, they all chase me. I manage to come to rest atop a mountain, near a place called Varondo.

I rest and heal, then start to explore here. I figure it’s better than where I came from. It’s some kind of fort, or aeylid ruins here, something I’m not ready for. It will be a hard road from here. I start to follow it west once more. Then I hit an invisible wall. And some wolves.

This is getting ridiculous.


Oh yeah.

Redemption feels good.

REALLY good.

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