Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

The problem with mods…

Is that they add so many damn things. Not that I’m against a lot of additional content, but two problems present themselves right off the bat:

1. How am I going to carry all of that stuff in a game with limited inventory?

and 2. Lots of things means lots of chances for problems. Crashes, conflicts, bugs, etc.

Having said that, I would like to tell you that I love all the mods I have installed, but it’s a tough love. Currently, Jericho (My character, yes his name is unnecessarily badass-My last one was named Ol’ Wassisname, and before that it was Theta Wun’gai (Sound it out (Unnecessary parentheses and recursion))) is on his way between the two southernmost major cities, Bravil and Leyawiin. The reason for this is because he is searching for a mod-added quest that will end up with him having a sentient, talking weapon. I’ve yet to find it, but let’s take a look at him currently.

There he is. Not a particularly noticeable or memorable face, but it’s better than some of the things I came up with during creation.
Amazing what you can do with technology these days.

And my breton, Jericho’s favorite weapon is:

His scythe. Yup. I went with that route. It’s a terrible weapon, really, against people who can block, but you get your blade high enough and you rule the world.

His second favorite weapon(s) are as follows:

1. Lefty
2. Righty
3. Lefty and Righty (At the same time)

Our sharper-eyed readers might notice that he isn’t wearing a shirt. I have, in my infinite wisdom and battle-strategy, opted to always keep one part of him uncovered. I figure it builds grit (And hilarity). Usually, he’s pantsless, but seeing as I found a really nifty pair of pants recently, he’s going topless for the time being, until I find a shirt or something that’s better. Occasionally, if I need to carry something heavy, he’s mostly naked. And I always run around naked in the imperial city, because I’ve dropped off all my armor and such into my house while I run things back and forth between my horse and the shops.

He has a house, as I mentioned, in the Imperial City. Mainly because I need a place to store all my cool stuff until I feel like doing something with it.

As you may have guessed, I’m a-ways through his leveling.

He’s a pretty mean fighter (And I mean that with respect to all forms of fighting). I rarely get into a situation where I have to haul-tail and run. That doesn’t mean I haven’t because I have. Oh yes I have. He has a decent athletics skill, that’s for sure. Mostly it involves either spriggans, atronarchs, trolls, giants, or the Horror of Dive Rock. Considering I use an undermined leveling tool, this causes problems when I’m far from a city. Also, I HATE WILL O’ WISPS.

So far he’s spent damn past half his game in jail and I STILL can’t figure out why one crime lead to that. It probably has something to do with the unknown 838 items I’ve stolen. (Do they count gold individually for that? Because if they do, it might explain it).

Anyways, he’s only done a handful of quests (Like 8) and has 6 fame to 2 infamy. So he’s not exactly a hero, yet. But I figure the first step to becoming a hero is to gain recognition, so guess what I started?

The Arena!

(Next post with more…After I get my damn weapon.)


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