Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Well that didn’t go so well

I think I make a fairly good adventurer (In the fictional sense, of course. I can’t do a chin up in real life. Not that I don’t have other qualities that would make me a good adventurer! I’m good at pushing stuff! Honest!) But a GOOD adventurer is a lot harder to be when you assume the shoes of someone who, for all intents and purposes, is a clean slate and at the bottom of the barrel.

If you’re interested, I have many mods installed. Notable ones are several buy-all merchants (Countered by realistic economy-Their money depletes), as well as a weights and prices mod, undermined leveled gameplay, and a main-quest delayer. A few others, such as saddlebags and an important-npc horse (I named her Midsummer Night, don’t ask me why) or hunger mods are there purely for immersion and/or convenience.

I’ve made it 12 levels into the game, a fairly large distance to cover without posting about it. It’s the damndest thing, though. Every time I do something good, something happens to me to keep my karma down. I’ve done several good-people quests, but inadvertantly stole over 800 items. I do NOT know how that happened. Perhaps my identity was stolen and credit fraud was committed. Seriously, how does that HAPPEN? I spent well over 2 years in jail at this point, and paid near a thousand gold in fines. But I haven’t murdered anyone! Or intentionally stolen something, either. I may have punched a guard or two, but that was only because they walked in the way when I was training hand-to-hand on rats (Added by mod)!

Seriously, my character makes honest cash, and then luck conspires against me to get it fined away.

I can’t seem to stay on the path of good in this game, and it’s not for lack of trying. But my character will eventually become the hero of cyrodiil, if I have to run from guards I punched and inadvertantly stole from the whole game, I will. But I’ll make a hero out of him. Just you watch.

Pictures and tales of heroism (And accidental villainy) to come soon!

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