Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Banish him to Oblivion!

I’ve had Oblivion since around the time it came out. I’ve recently fallen back in love with it for the umpteenth time. However, recent issue with mods (I’m sure it was caused by saving in one location) Has caused me to lose all saves on my character.

So I started a new one.

Didn’t get rid of the mods (That wouldn’t be any fun) But I’ve isolated the cause (It was saving in a certain location)

I’ve decided that I MUST be a good person this time. I might not be a nice person, or a kind person, but a good one, certainly. That means if I steal something, I have to repent for it. No killing of unnecessary people (I consider using fists as just knocking them out)

Of course, I’ll be going by oblivion rules for this (It’s not stealing if you’re looting bodies and such) but I’d like to think it makes me a better person by pretending to be a somewhat good person.

I don’t know what spawned this decision, because in previous oblivion run-throughs, I’d have completed the thieves guild and dark brotherhood before I’d even LOOK past the first few missions in the main quest (If I wasn’t using a main-quest delayer), and naturally, I accumulated a ton of bad juju.

So now I want to be someone the people will look at and smile.

I will be a hero.

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