Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Fear not! I am still alive!

I took a week of Valve Time for a break, and came back realizing “Oh shit I haven’t posted anything!”. I had, however, played a few games, so I’ll be sure to share them with you.

I just got singularity, so that’ll be soon, but before then Bad Company 2 gets a mini-review.

It’s a solid shooter with more humor than most, and a cast of characters that you’re genuinely sad to see the credits roll on. Mainly because they set it up for a Bad Company 3, and I haven’t played the first one, so I don’t know whether I’ll see them again. Multiplayer is decent, giving you a large map for you and a bunch of friend/enemies to roam around on, taking potshots at each other, and then dying when someone you never saw puts a sniper round in your brain. *Sniff* Needs more close combat, in my opinion, to balance it out with the ranged.

Mini-review get!

I’ve been on a PSP bender lately, and have obtained numerous titles. You know about riviera and Metal Gear(s), but I’ve also gotten CastleVania: Dracula X chronicles, LittleBigPlanet, and then I obtained Final Fantasy VII from the PSN store. Don’t expect many reviews on them, mainly because LBP is making me unlock all the level creation stuff, and I’m an unhappy goose with that, and FFVII is old, well-known, and VERY EFFING LONG.

Aaaanyways. Since I mentioned valve time, you probably knew this was coming:
Portal two! I can’t wait. That is all. Wait, who do you think voices Wheatley? And do you think there will be other cores? And how about those levels and *Mmf-Shoves a sock in my mouth* Smfrry. Gmt cffrrmd mfwmf.

*Spits* Got carried away. That’s the thing about every move valve makes. You can’t help but debate about it.

Also, Engineer update! I want me one of those wrenches! Shame I probably won’t get one.

Oh well. I’m bored. Laters, all!

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