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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

I keep almost typing Metal Gear: Peace Walker. Unrelated to review. Just a thing.

Alright, I’m having serious trouble progressing in the game (More of a time and motivation issue, really) but I’ve gotten far enough into it to call it on most of its features.

Let me say this. If you’re used to the console titles, you’re in for a surprise. It borrows a lot of aspects from both, but the gameplay is more towards the other PSP titles (You have the option of switching to other game control styles). Personally, I like the Metal Gear Portable Ops control style, but I am really disliking the inventory system. I think they could have really done something intuitive with it, but instead you have to hold o to open the choice menu (L for inventory, R for weapons) and then you have to select the item, while in REAL TIME. If it paused the game, this would be all fine and dandy, but it DOESN’T AND OH MY GOD THAT TANK IS SHOOTING AT M-DAMMIT I’M DEAD.
Speaking of which, the armored vehicle bossfights are EXTREMELY well done pieces, if frustrating. It WILL test the limits of your stealth to stay undetected while you pick off the accompanying infantry unit, and then you have to weaken the vehicle to the point of getting the driver out, and then stun/KO/kill him. The game actually emphasizes NOT destroying the tank, and makes salvaging it worthwhile (How, I don’t know, but I always feel accomplished when I do)
I heartily recommend this title to fans of MGS, stealth, and PSP owners in general.
That last one goes out simply because this game has THE BEST graphics I’ve seen on the PSP and still runs really well. You do need the space on your memory stick to install all the voices and data to reduce loading times (Cost me an extra 50 bucks for a new card, but a worthwhile investment, I guess).

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