Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Shame on you. All of you.

Valve decides to expand its playerbase. Fine.
They open up gaming to the poor, game-deficient, but still in their own way game-able macs. Great.
Their fanbase erupts with massive rage and hate against the new people joining their servers.
I’ve seen mac-players banned, insults slung, I watched medics refuse to heal teammates wearing earbuds.


Afraid to share your toys?

All of you “My OS is better than yours” types can go jump off a cliff and die.
Alright, that’s a bit extreme, but if you have THAT much of a problem with it, nobody is making you play the game.

Valve is opening up a new horizon in gaming, allowing more players than ever before to enjoy their games.
Sure, all of you gaming purists have PCs, and are probably scoffing right now. But what’s wrong with bringing the games to Apple’s system?

Do you think Valve is selling out? Or maybe you think Steve Jobs is trying to take over the gaming world, one step at a time.

Both of those scenarios are equally idiotic. All that valve is doing is what game companies have been doing, oh, since multiple platforms and consoles have existed.

Think of it this way: Valve is bringing TF2 to another “Console”, called the Mac.

It doesn’t seem like quite as horrible a concept now, does it?

I don’t know about you, but I play games to PLAY GAMES. I don’t give a damn why other people play games. Maybe some of you like to lord your games over others, but if that’s your thing, go play something else.

I like playing games to interact with new people in a familiar scenario. Sure, I’ll rage at a poor team, same as many gamers, but you know what? I get over it. If I can get over losing a battle, or tolerating a losing streak for however long on any game, All of you people who are upset about the Macs can get over it too.

If you take one thing from reading this article, and I hope you do, please take this:
You are going to have more opportunities than ever to meet people you have a chance to befriend, befoe, or just plain have fun with. Please don’t start kicking sand when new kids come to the beach.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play TF2 on my PC with my friend who owns a MAC and I’m going to have some goddamned fun.

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