Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

I’m walking on Peace-shine!

So I managed to get a preorder for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.
While I never played the Original TWO Metal Gears, in the pre-solid phase (I call it Metal Gear Squishy), I tried the first one, and got as far as that one windy roof, at which point I said “Fuck it” due to the difficulty (This was the NES version, which apparently sucked.)

That said, I really want to play through those games. I read their dossiers in the later Solid games (You know, how you can unlock Snake’s previous missions in readable forms)
I never owned MGS3: Subsistence, just the regular one, so I wasn’t able to play the re-releases. I’m hoping Mr. Kojima will either re-release those two games in the near future, or maybe he’ll actually remake them properly, kind of like how he had the first Solid remade. Of course, that’s apples to oranges, really. MGS1 was really just graphically updated for the Gamecube.

I digress. You can expect to see a review for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in the near future (Look towards the end of next week, maybe early week after that)

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