Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Update on life, the gamingverse, and everything

First off, I saw Kickass. I honestly say it lived up to its name, and its director, Matthew Vaughn, I think I can honestly identify with his perception of trying to make this movie a comic nerd’s wet dream. 4 heroes, each of them 2 distinct parodies of well-known heroes (One for costume, one for personality). What could go wrong? Not much, actually. Distinct use of high-action and well-timed slow motion make it a spectacle to behold (But the other special effects are kind of lackluster.), and one of them is just downright brutal, while another is just damned efficient at killing. I’ll leave it up to you to pick them for yourself, but if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve already narrowed it down. A shocker semi-twist and a weak plot nudge later, there’s an epic finish, and a sequel-opening ending. I love the direct references to other series, movies, and seemingly unrelated materials (He actually says “With no power, comes no responsibility” at one point.)
But enough of my rambling. If you like superhero/superzero flicks, go see this one. If you like action movies, go see this one, and if you like seeing people get the crap kicked out of them…well, go see it. Seriously.

Now a piece of gaming news. I might be a bit behind on this, but Dead Rising 2 was announced for PC as well as the major consoles (I’m officially counting Wii separately now, FYI), and it pissed me off to see, in this month’s GameInformer that the PC has been dropped. I’m so pissed. With my Xbox currently FUBAR-rod, and no PS3, this game is out for me. Why the hell are they dropping it? Are they afraid of piracy? Fucking hell, man. But at least we’ve got a number of good PC titles announced. Bulletstorm looks like something worth checking out, as does Split/Second.

Nintendo’s looking to have a good summer with third-partyish titles. Cave story seems like a spot on match up for a console platformer, and Monster Hunter Tri intrigues me. Metroid: Other M is making me giddy when I see new content on it, and I can’t wait to get my non-bounty-hunting hands on it.
The 3DS looks vaguely interesting, but, like the iPad, it’s going into the “Expensive Toy” category in my mind, and I pray it’s not their next step in handheld consoles. Sure, I can deal with it being parallel to it, like the DSi currently (but not for long, I suspect, and fear) to the normal DS. If they drop the DS in favor of this next-gen virtual boy, I may just denounce their handhelds until they go back to fucking normal. I’ll start using my PSP again.

So that’s all I got for now. Feel free to argue/inform/flame me in the comment box.


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