Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

On twitter

I’m sure all four of the people who read this blog know about the seemingly buggy twitter feed on the side, full of xfire status updates and whatnot.
My personal opinion on twitter falls to this: If it can be conveniently implemented, monitored, and updated, then I’ll probably use it. The Xfire plugin was one such thing. But with the constant updates to the software, it has become less useful. Mainly because the damn thing won’t stay online.
Now, I like twitter. It’s a constant stream of entertainment and information from most of the people I follow. But when I have to actually stop what I’m doing to go to the website and scroll through the feed, it gets annoying.
I’m looking through widgets and sidebar gadgets to find one I like, but none of them can touch the Xfire plugin’s former functionality. Mainly because I could update, view, and open links in game.

So, if any of you handful of readers know about another way to view twitter in game, leave a message at the beep


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