Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

A game not as much about mining as you think!

Discovered in a hollowed out mountain cave

Day 1: I’m going to try to keep a log of this…strange place. I awoke on an island. A short exploration lead me to a hill, from which most of the island was able to be surveyed. I could see endless water around me, so I don’t think I’m going to meet any rescue boats.I sustained myself on mushrooms and took a nap in a cave.

Day 2: I encountered some animals today. A pig was my source of food for now. I discovered that the materials this island is made out of is strangely malleable. I can break them apart in cubes, and then if I collect the fragments, I can make new cubes of the same material almost instantly. I have shaped my cave a bit more to my liking. It took a good deal of time, so I’m going to eat some more and go to sleep.

Day 3: I had a strange encounter today. I had found a sheep, and was collecting its wool, which fell off, oddly enough, by striking it. I noticed a group of strange looking people down below. They were…oddly colored. Slightly greenish, and shambling about. Almost like zombies. I decided against talking to them, and retreated to my cave, erecting a wall around the entrance for my own safety.

Day 5: Nothing to write about. I’ve started to expand my cave deeper, and only leave it to scavenge for food.

Day 8: They were monsters. I saw another group of those strange, green people today. Against my better instincts, I approached one that appeared to be separated from the group. He struck me, hard. I was forced to beat him to death with a large, cubic rock. I’m still shaking as I write this.

Day 9: No pigs. Found some new mushrooms. I feel sick.

Day 14: Sorry, I learned the hard way about choosing mushrooms. I won’t be eating that kind any time soon. I’m beginning to think that anything on this island that can’t be harvested for me wants to harm me. I saw a group of walking skeletons. That’s right, skeletons. No way am I going near them.

Day 19: My cave is now completely destroyed. The mountainside is wide open. I saw strange, four-legged green creatures. I penned one away from the herd, and managed to lead it to my cave. They didn’t attack me, only seemed to sniff around at me. Thinking along the lines of the sheep and the pig, I struck it. It began to glow strangely. I backed away, but it came closer and closer. As a last ditch effort, I put up a wall, and retreated hastily into the back of my cave. Boom. No more cave. I was wounded badly. I ate the last of my rations and passed out.

Day 22: Searching for a new place to live on the island. The old one was good, because of its elevation. Gone now. I’m mining into the second highest hill on the island. I’ve stocked up a large pile of earth, rock, and wood, so I may begin construction on a building. Maybe after I have a home. I’m going to start mining into it tomorrow.

Day 24: I don’t know what happened. I was digging into the hillside, when suddenly I hit a pitfall. I fell…god, it felt like three stories. After recovering from it, I looked around. I was in a dim, natural cave. I tried to dig laterally to get out, but I’ve met no luck. My fall may have been deeper than I feared. God I hope not.

Day 29: I’ve completely mined out the area to no avail. I’ve fallen beneath the hill. My rations are almost gone. If I keep working myself like this, I’ll be dead in a week. I need to think. I’ll write again if something happens.

Day 33: A spider fell into the cave. I killed it. It yielded nothing edible, though not for lack of trying. Venom is not to be ingested.

Day… I think it’s 40: I’ve lost count, honestly. I’m just digging in a straight line now, praying I hit a valley, or a canyon.

Day 41ish: I hit a magma flow. I nearly died. Managed to collapse the path in time to stop it. No food. no strength.

Last entry?: It’s dark in here now. I can barely see this journal. I wonder if I’ll become like those walking skeletons. I’m burning all the unused pages for warmth. Whoever finds this, I pray you find a way out of this cavernous hell.

Discoverer’s note:

N00b didn’t try pillar jumping.

Sorry for the full-length introduction, but it’s a fitting story to how I ended my session of Minecraft the other day. I later discovered that you can jump and place a block under you, effectively raising a pillar under you. I also learned how to dig on an upward angle.

Minecraft is a free-roam, technically simple game. Seriously, one look will have you scratching your head for a moment, because everything in the game is made with cubes and 16×16 textures. That doesn’t stop the fun, though. If you’ve ever replayed the original DOOM, and quit because the graphix sux omg. Then this game isn’t for you. If you like a solid idea, regardless of graphical prowess, then this is more likely for you.

Playing minecraft in survival mode is a fun thing, if you can fill in the blanks with your mind. Playing in creation mode is all kinds of fun, regardless. It’s like killing all the enemies, turning godmode on, and removing the brick-break speed, and unlimiting your inventory. One of the first things that comes to mind is building a house. You find out that it’s not THAT simple, but you still probably get it done. Another thing is Pixel Art. I made a giant met in one server (Kat inc. It’s a fun place, but you have to be cool to get in ;P)
The game’s still in alpha builds (The current free version is 0.30), and if you want access to the indev version, you have to pay 10 dollars. But that means you get all the updates AND the game when it releases. For that original ten, only.

Frankly, I can see it as a sound investment, especially if you like games like dwarf fortress, or like gmod, but are looking something made to look like the DOOM era games, then try this game. I give it a hearty 8 blocks out of ten.

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  1. Darn, I tried to play this game once, but the javascript failed… looks awesome, I’m gonna try again any of these days.

    June 23, 2010 at 10:53 am

    • You totally should. Games like this are part of the massive amounts of win on the internet.

      June 23, 2010 at 11:33 pm

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