Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Dreamcatchers are for sissies.

Starring a spunky funky heroine, Alice Drake

So dreamkiller is linear first person shooter that puts you in the imaginary boots of dream-specialist, Alice Drake. She’s got more tattoos than your average skinhead, and the right amount of attitude to match them.

So she’s a psycologist who had physically damaging nightmares as a child until she learned to fight back and then she gained a level in badass. Now she helps people with debilitating phobias by going inside their heads and blowing everything up. No, really. All your dementia and amnesia problems are solved.


Okay, not ALL of your problems are solved with mind bullets. Some are solved with rockets, lightning, and grenades, too!

Alice, being a telepath, has the ability to do this neat little teleport trick that I almost always forget about because I’m to busy killing the ca-raziest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of ending.

Theres also a “Dual-world” type of element, but that only comes in when enemies-you-can’t-shoot-until-you-enter-this-neat-little-portal-thing do.

The difficulty curve assumes you learn everything on the first try, and is brutal once the bosses come up, and gives you a few unforgiving platform jumps. All of my gripes go away once I kill about ten guys in a row and go Dr. Freud on their asses with some demonic powers. And if you REALLY kick some ass, your weapons are automatically upgraded until you die. Which you will.

You will use this gun more often than you want to.

So all in all, it’s a fun game, and if you want to go on a serious rampage with a challenge, this is a good game to do it with. (currently available on steam for 30$, less than your local big budget shooter title for consoles)

And I give it 7 head cases

I think I SAW something like this before....

Out of 10


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