Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Words Words Words

“Hamlet, What are you reading?”

So yeah, I said before, I think, that I didn’t like Mass Effect, and I didn’t plan on spending my hard earned money on it.

Nothing’s changed, so let’s just glaze over it.

Game was slow, uninteresting, a bit broken, and all around was not fun.

There. Those last three words. “Was not fun.” Probably hurts a few of you ME fans out there. But frankly, real guns don’t decide to aim nine yards to the left because you don’t use them enough. I’ve heard ME2 fixes that sort of thing, but sorry, Bioware, my money will be spent on things I assume will amuse me.

Now, if you’re linked here from my other page (This one), you’ve probably already seen this:

A piece of Fanart for Kiki's Flying Delivery Service, by me.

Just a heads up, I intend to supplement various things (Reviews, rants, etc) with drawings, usually quick things for a cheap laugh or something. You’ll only benefit from me doing this, so your suggestions are wanted. Don’t leave me hanging, or I’ll come and find you, and KILL YOUR LAUNDRY.

Also, I’m starting to get into Deadpool. He’s funny.

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