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I borked the horizon

Horizon wireless.
Shattered Horizon is a first person shooter. Graphics are decent to high, and look pretty polished. It’s got multiplayer only and a short list of modes (Control points, alternating control points, and Deathmatch) for it, two teams, one gun and Zero customization.

Why am I bringing this up?
Because it brings the most amazing mechanic i’ve seen in a first person shooter since the jetpack:
That's right. One of you is upside down.
And not your grandaddy’s zero G either. This isn’t like turning gravity off in your common, favorite shooter. This is a game engine attempting to model realistic microgravity physics. And it pulls it off.

Your suit is basically responsible for everything in the game, and you have the option of turning it off for stealthy approaches, which actually has some merit.
Basically, you get a standard multi-use assault rifle (Machine gun, sniper scope, grenade launcher) and are told to point it at enemies. Bang Bang. Their decompressed corpse is floating into the BEAUTIFULLY rendered background.

You get an EMP grenade, which shorts their equipment out and basically brings them to about 5% usefulness in combat (Which means they can still kill you, they just can’t hear you, can barely move, and they don’t have a crosshair)
An Ice grenade is your standard smoke grenade, with neat crackles and pops as you move through it,
and your standard shoot-and-go-boom grenade.
Recoil takes on a whole new meaning when you launch that bad boy.
Odds are they’ll live through it, but you can just toast them while they’re spinning like an off-center dryer load.
Ice grenade in action.

You can move in a spherical 360 degrees, and while more often than not, you’ll stay aligned to whatever surface you just walked on, it does help when you need to navigate an asteroid by walking around it.

The game helps you stick to walls, ceilings, etc. when you want a firm base (Sniping without one is damn-near impossible), and the controls are natural feeling after about five minutes.

It’s available on Steam now, for 20$. I got it on sale a while back.
Recommendation? Buy on sale.
If there were a single-player campaign, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, I’d be all over it.
I give it 8 destroyed moons
The whole reason you're fighting in space is because the moon was destroyed and you're all mining companies or something.
Out of 10

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