Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Do ya have a MMOment?

So I will, at random times, go and obtain one of the hundreds (Thousands?) of free MMOs out there. I usually go with one that
A) Won’t cost me too much (IE free)
B) Quick to get into, and
C) Catches my eye.

So the game of the day is “WonderKing”, a deliciously cutesy Maplestory clone.
Login and install was done in the space of a half hour (Downloader installer), and it was fairly simple.

I decided to play as a Scout (The ranged character) by the name of Auric. I opted to toss the bow and pick up a gun, and found that I wasn’t scrambling for resources, or dumping my inventory due to overflow. A nice balance, if you ask me.
The game levels pretty quickly compared to my usual rate. Now, I’ve only gotten to like, level 15, and that was in the space of three to five hours. So right off the bat, I like it. Now, it feels like a “Dumbed Down” version of Maple, but it’s quicker, and more fun than I had in maple on my first five hours. (I played MapleStory BEFORE it became an in-world spamfest.)

I’m going to stop comparing it to Maplestory now, because that’s just not fair.
The game is simple and the quests are fairly easy (I’ve only died once). I managed to rig up some kind of health and mana potion IV drip to my character to stop that. The cooking system is a decent alchemy bit, and I’m going to go and play it later.

Now, the good part of the review:
Do I recommend it? Yeah, if you have a bit of time for the installation (But most free MMO installers take a while, what with the download and all).
It’s cute, it’s cartoony and while its not as deep a THAT OTHER one, it’s a little less spammed, and it’s got room to grow on you.

So a, uh, rating…
I guess I’d give it 7 Pumas
A Puma, easiest thing to kill.

Out of 10


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