Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.


I haven’t updated this thing in god knows how long, so I guess I’ve only got people who pop in from my DeviantArt page from time to time (Whenever I post something, I guess).

Well I made this blog for me and my ability to be completely nonsensical in a logical way. So I guess I’m gonna try and start using it again.

First things first. I’m gonna start to give opinions on one of three things:
1) News/TV/Movie/Music Entertainment
-Of course the news. It’s the news. I’m supposed to, aren’t I? You guys read this for my opinion, so you might as well get a hang of my tastes, right?
2) What I’m doing in life
-It’s my blog, and I’m gonna start using it, dammit! Besides, it helps put things in perspective.
3) Video Games
-Ah, my true passion. I’m currently attending classes on the programming and development of videogames and software, so why wouldn’t I include them here?

With that settled, I guess I’ll get crackin’ and tell you about my current situation:

So money’s tight, school’s kickin’, and I need a job. That’s the negative stuff.
Positive? Lotsa games at great prices (Borrowed from friends :P) and a great computer to run them on.

So this week, My games will be Torchlight, Wolfenstein (2009), and either Mass Effect, or Wonderking (A free MMO)

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