Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

Plot Synopsis

It’s a strange thing when somebody comes up to you while you’re working. The whole “Whatcha doin’? Can I look?” Thing. It generally bothers me to have people look at my work if it’s unfinished. So instead, I offered the fellow who walked up on me while I typed in my story file the plot synopsis for this particular story. It reads:

“An alternate present-day America.

Mike Makahari has lived on the streets of Riam City his whole life. The streets, however, are owned by The Steelmen, an oppressive, militaristic police force with the city officials in its back pocket. They want Mike because of his and his late brother’s strange ability:Power over fire. He runs afoul of them one time too many, and ends up with a group of people in the same situation as him. But can they all survive? Or will they be trampled underfoot by the massive numbers of The Steelmen?”

That’s that. If you see this, let me know if you’d read this story based on it. Also, I’m going to keep track of writing progress during writing posts, I suppose. So let’s start.

*Note*-I don’t have an exact page count on the actual written part, so I’ll just give a percentage.


Typing- 63 Pages, 53,701 words, 239,611 characters (Approximately).

Revising-Not started yet.

I guess I’ll keep a poll going, too.

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