Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

More time=More time to procrastinate

We’ve all done it. “Oh, well, that’s a week away, so…GAMEZ0RZ!LOLOL!!!1!11!ONE!”
Or something like it.
I know for a fact that I work the most when there’s something else going on. You know, how when you can’t distract yourself with extreme headshotting, or trolling forums, you do actual work to avoid what your teacher/boss/other person is saying. It has the added bonus of making you look busy so that less people actually bother you. Unless you want to be bothered, in which case NOBODY bothers you. So it seems that when I’m in a computer class at school, and I’ve finished browsing webcomics, I actually work on the typing part of my story. (I work mostly in three parts: Dreaming, writing, typing. (Sometimes revision, but that’s for some other time.))
Where I’ve written, and where I’ve typed are two different parts in the story. Separated by about three in-world days, and maaaaaybe a dozen pages of the finished product. Trouble is, the farther ahead I get in the writing, the more I want to continue writing and forgo the typing. It’s a lot easier to get away with writing in a notebook/binder in the middle of class than drawing or typing. Granted, I almost ALWAYS type when I finish in interactive, but that still only puts me about two pages forward. As for the drawing part, well…I’ll go into more detail in my (hopefully) next post, when I talk about Mike.

Long post, away!


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