Because I love to turn mental disorders into prose. Also Games.

The story so far…

Right now, I’m writing. I want to publish a book with two decent-length stories in it. The first one I’ve decided to call “Burning Heart”. Yeah, I know. Cheesy. It’s not a love story, but it’s got love in it. I suppose if I were to give it a tagline, it’d be something close to “The Steelmen control the city. They control the people. Or so they think.”

The Steelmen, FYI, is the name of an overpowered, dominating police/big brother type police force owned by a faceless corporation. A Steelman is a name for an officer of them.

The people IN the story are a motley collection of people with varying degrees of supernaturality to them. The kind you could probably explain with science and technobabble, but you don’t really care until they decide to explain it.

I suppose I’ll introduce you to Mike soon, the main protagonist. As soon as I can draw him, or something like him.

Comment! I wanna know what you think, internet!

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